About Bare

Founded in June 2018, Bare Waxing Suites has evolved into a luxurious full service waxing studio in Fort Worth, Texas. Continuing to grow, We add new waxing services, skin treatments, and special product offerings regularly. Bare's licenced esthetician has been waxing for several years in big-name wax studios. After witnessing the poor client experience and sub-par tools provided by larger wax centers, Bare was born. By using 100% naturally derived products, you can be assured that your skin will be left healthier than it was when you came in.Start your journey to Be Bare and feel, look, and leave absolutely Bare Flawless. 

We are passionate about skincare

Our licensed Esthetician ( Nisha) specializes in full-body waxing services that cater to your needs. Practicing for over 5 years, Bare's esthetician offers a variety of wax services and specialized post-wax treatments to keep your skin looking its best.

Your esthetician is trained in both hard and soft wax styles, however, to guarantee the best results from your wax service, our Esthetician only uses hard wax. 

Always keeping the client in mind, your esthetician has perfected the waxing service to provide an almost painless, fast, and flawless wax from head to toe. Aside from a satisfying wax service, she will provide you with the knowledge to care for your skin before and after your wax appointment to ensure your skin is perfectly flawless. 

Bare creates their own proprietary blend of ingrown serum that work with your body's natural pH level leaving your skin moisturized and BARE smooth. 

Bare Services

Bare offers an incredibly wide range of waxing services specializing in full body waxes,including bikini waxes, Brazilian waxes, male waxing services, and eyebrow waxing and shaping. 

Welcome to BARE! Where waxing is done in a efficient time, but also almost painless and done to your PERFECTION. Here at BARE we specialize in Brazilian and Eyebrow Waxing . Not only does your Esthetician specializes in those areas, she also can give you knowledge on how to take care of your skin before and after waxing . Your Esthetician at all times uses hard wax! Although she is educated on both soft and hard wax, she believes in giving you the best wax experience. 

Tired of razor bumps, razor burn, or stubborn ingrowns?
Want to reveal your softest, most touchable skin?

Book your next wax appointment at Bare, the premier private waxing studio in Fort Worth, Texas, home of the 10 minute Brazilian. 

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